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Charlotte's Web

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What the book is about is friendship on earth, affection and protection, adventure and miracle, life and death, trust and treachery, pleasure and pain, and the passing of time. As a piece of work it is just about perfect, and just about magical in the way it is done.'' -EUDORA WELTY, THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEWTHESE ARE THE WORDS in Charlotte's web, high in the barn. Her spiderweb tells of her feelings for a little pig named Wilbur, as well as the feelings of a little girl named Fern...who loves Wilbur, too. Their love has been shared by millions of readers.''High caprice on a farm, handled with wit and wisdom, [that] serves to put an imperfect world back into joint.'' - THE NEW YORKER''A fantasy that has the beauty and delicacy of the web itself.'' - THE SATURDAY REVIEW

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