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Those We Left Behind

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Serena Flanagan is forced to confront a disturbing case from her past: the murder conviction of a 12-year-old-boy who has just been released from prison DCI Serena Flanagan hasn't heard the boy's name in years. Not since the blood on the wall and the body in the bedroom. Not since she listened as he confessed to brutally murdering his foster father. But now Ciaran Devine is out of prison and back in her life. And so is his brother, Thomas - the brother that Flanagan always suspected of hiding something. When Ciaran's probation officer comes Flanagan with fresh fears about the Devines, the years of lies begin to unravel, setting a deadly chain of events in motion. 'Deeply chilling, but full of tenderness...utterly compelling... The best book yet from a hugely talented writer' Sunday Mirror 'A quietly superb, sensitive plot' The Times 'A must read' Irish Times 'DCI Serena Flanagan is the hero for whom we've all been waiting' Megan Abbott

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UitgeverVintage publishing