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Solutions second edition - Elementary dvd-rom

Afbeelding van Solutions second edition - Elementary dvd-rom


Through video clips language is brought to life in authentic settings by real people.
The DVD-ROM contains a mixture of interviews, documentary-style cultural clips and functional dialogue scenes. Corresponding activities from the Listening, Culture or Everyday English lessons in the Students Book help students explore the video content in more depth.

The video material matches the level of the unit and reinforces the specific grammar and vocabulary being taught, as well as exploring topics of interest to students.

The video content helps students absorb key communication skills such as pronunciation and intonation, and the accompanying DVD-ROM worksheets provide you with ready-made, preparation-free lessons.

  • DVD material tightly linked to every Culture, Reading, or Speaking lesson in the Student's Book reinforces the grammar and vocabulary being taught and presents it in a different context
  • Documentary-style episodes, interviews, and functional dialogues provide speaking models, realistic listening practice, and cross-cultural insights
  • Worksheets for use in class provide ready-made lessons for the teacher, and are perfectly matched to the level of the unit

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AuteurDavies e.a.
UitgeverOxford University Press ELT