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The Business 2.0 Advanced class audio-cd

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The Class CD contains the audio to accompany the course.
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Based on extensive user feedback, research into Business English studies and the evolving needs of employers, the course builds on the success of the original edition and offers students the confidence, language and skills to thrive in an international work environment.
Key features

Each level starts with the About Business section, offering an overview of key business concepts, to help introduce information and language for specific subject areas using key topics such as economics, organisation, CV writing, and more.
Specially formulated speaking tasks and case studies help students build their confidence to communicate and develop interpersonal skills.
The case studies provide authentic, problem-solving situations, allowing students to apply all the language skills and ideas they have learnt to those encountered in real business environments. 
Relevant and interesting reading texts challenge students and provide context for the presentations of new language, as well as opportunities for discussion.
Transparent business links in each module present core business topics such as international trade, finance, sales and marketing, and personal development.

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