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Language to Go - Elementary student's book with phrasebook

Afbeelding van Language to Go - Elementary student's book with phrasebook


Each teaching lesson is designed to last 60 minutes and is contained on two facing pages, which reinforces visually the relationship between the Students' Book lesson and the classroom lesson. It focuses on a final activity, by presenting and practicing the language required and then inviting students to perform the activity at the end of the lesson.The lesson begins with a presentation of the vocabulary needed for the final activity, then continue with reading or listening material which presents the target structure(s) in a meaningful context. This is followed by some inductive grammar work, focusing on the meaning and the form of the structure, and by some practice exercises. Students should now be equipped to do the final activity in the Get talking section at the end of the lesson, which is sometimes accompanied by a Get writing section. The Language to go is exemplified in an easily memorized dialogue in the bottom corner of each right-hand page and acts as the focus and goal of the lesson.The Practice section provides further exercises to consolidate the language taught in the main lesson. For teachers who have classes lasting longer than 60 minutes, it can be used in class, either after the Practice exercises or at the end of the main lesson. The exercises in the Practice section can also be set for homework and have been written so that students can work on them alone.The Grammar reference is designed to be a more descriptive explanation of the grammar points covered in the main teaching lesson.The Phrasebook is a reformulation of some of the language taught in the course, as well as a reminder of other relevant words and expressions which are appropriate to the level, and presented in a familiar phrasebook style.

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