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Intelligent Business - Pre-intermediate skills book + cd-rom

Afbeelding van Intelligent Business - Pre-intermediate skills book + cd-rom


Do Business with the Intelligent Business Skills Book The Intelligent Business Skills Book with CD-ROM is a shorter course that covers the functional language that people in business require such as negotiating' and dealing with problems'. It can be used on its own as an intensive course or alongside the Intelligent Business Course Book. What's special about the Skills Book? *You can teach a business English skills course with ease, or use it to add business skills to a general course *Useful, functional business language is easy to teach each unit focuses on language strategies for a practical area of business English such as Negotiate' *You don't have to be a business expert to teach business skills because there's a step-by-step guide on key business practices in the Good Business Practice' section at the back of the book *Your students will be motivated by the CD-ROM that has loads of interactive practice activities, video extracts, all the Skills Book audio and much more.

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