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Speakout 2ed Upper Intermediate Student's Book & Interactive eBook with MyEnglishLab & Digital Resources Access Code


Lessons are designed to consolidate language and act as a springboard for further speaking and writing tasks. Each unit follows the pattern: * an introductory lead-in page with learning objectives * two main input lessons covering grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and skills work, * a functional lesson, which develops useful communication skills and includes strategies for developing speaking and listening skills * a motivating skills consolidation lesson based on a BBC DVD clip. These act as a springboard for further speaking and writing tasks. * The unit culminates with a page of Lookback exercises. Each Students' Book has: * Ten to 12 units with 90 to 120 hours of teaching material (depending on level) * Comprehensive Language Bank with detailed explanations and extra practice. * Photo bank to expand vocabulary. * Audio and video scripts. * Refreshed with new visuals and texts, including content from the BBC and other sources. * A revised vocabulary syllabus with more recycling of language. * Clear signposting on the page to make teaching and learning easier. The DVD has: * BBC clips and interviews, and audio material for use in class. MyEnglishLab for Speakout 2nd edition provides a fully blended and personalised learning environment that benefits both teachers and learners. * Interactive Workbook with instant feedback and automatic gradebook. * A common error report that highlights mistakes learners make. * Tips and feedback that direct learners to reference materials and encourage them to work out answers themselves. * Extra practice in grammar, vocabulary and skills. * Unit and achievement tests. * Mid and end of course tests. * BBC interviews and interactive worksheets for BBC interviews.

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