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Speakout 3rd Edition B1 Student's book + digital resources


    The Student’s Book has eight units, each with four lessons, plus a Unit Opener and a Review section. Each unit contains:

    • A unit opener featuring vlogs filmed by real people from around the world together with a mini task to engage learners with the topic of the unit, plus learner-friendly Global Scale of English Learning Objectives
    • Two main input lessons (A and B), covering the four skills plus Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation, all based on GSE learning objectives, and leading towards a final GSE-based skills output task
    • A functional language or ‘How to ..’ lesson where learners learn and put into practice real-world language that will help them in everyday situations, such as order a meal in a restaurant, getting help in shops, and phoning for information; this lesson links to an interactive speaking practice activity for students to do outside the classroom and receive feedback, and also links to a standalone mediation lesson in the Mediation Bank
    • A BBC video lesson with preview tasks to spark interest and set expectations, activities based on language points from the videos, and speaking and writing tasks based on the video themes; the video lessons alternate between a programme clip from the BBC archive and bespoke BBC street interviews
    • A review section providing practice of the language from the unit plus listening and pairwork speaking activities to consolidate learners’ understanding
      Grammar Bank
    • Vocabulary bank containing either a continuation of the lexical set presented in the lesson, or presenting a new set related to the lesson
      Mediation Bank (from A2)
    • Sounds and Spelling lesson (A1 only) to help learners with sound recognition, pronunciation and writing
      Future Skills activities
    • Online Practice gives practice of the material covered in the Students’ Book, including:

    Grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and functional language practice activities
    Reading, writing, listening, and speaking practice activities
    Benchmark Test task types
    Instant feedback and gradebook to help track progress
    Note: Online Practice provides the same activities as the print Workbook

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