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Upbeat - Elementary language builder

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Extent: 144 pages The Language Builder is a flexible and versatile resource which offers self-access practice material for students in a wide range of teaching situations. It can be used in parallel with the Students' Book in class, or can be used as a resource for homework exercises. It is divided into two parts: a Workbook and a Grammar Bank containing Grammar Summary pages and extra Grammar Practice exercises. Can be used in parallel with the Students' Book in class or for homework Contains a 96-page Workbook and a 44-page Grammar Bank The Workbook offers exercises at two levels of difficulty, to cater for mixed ability classes, allowing all students to achieve success and remain motivated Roundup exercise at end of each lesson bring together all the language taught in the lesson Extra Challenge exercises provide practice which is more open-ended Regular skills practice The Grammar Bank contains a Grammar Summary for each lesson followed by extra Grammar Practice exercises Audio material for the Workbook exercises is located on the Students' Multi-ROM

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AuteurBygrave e.a.
UitgeverLongman Education ELT