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Upbeat - Starter language builder + cd-rom


The Language Builder is a flexible and versatile resource which offers self-access practice material for students in a wide range of teaching situations. It can be used in parallel with the Students’ Book in class, or can be used as a resource for homework exercises. It is divided into two parts: a Workbook and a Grammar Bank containing Grammar Summary pages and extra Grammar Practice exercises.

  • Can be used in parallel with the Students’ Book in class or for homework
  • Contains a 96-page Workbook and a 44-page Grammar Bank
  • The Workbook offers exercises at two levels of difficulty, to cater for mixed ability classes, allowing all students to achievesuccess and remain motivated
  • Roundup exercise at end of each lesson bring together all the language taught in the lesson
  • Extra Challenge exercises provide practice which is more open-ended
  • Regular skills practice
  • The Grammar Bank contains a Grammar Summary for each lesson followed by extra Grammar Practice exercises
  • Audio material for the Workbook exercises is located on the Students’Multi-ROM

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UitgeverLongman Education ELT