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Next Move 4 active teach cd-rom

Afbeelding van Next Move 4 active teach cd-rom


For teachers working with digital natives, the ActiveTeach software for Interactive Whiteboards will really help bring classes alive. This interactive version of the class materials will allow you to:

  • focus students' attention on the task in hand and keep their heads up and out of their books in class;
  • clarify instructions and the mechanics of activities quickly and efficiently;
  • complete exercises and check answers in a fun and motivating way;
  • make sure that weaker students do not fall behind or get lost during the class;
  • access all the multimedia resources with a few simple clicks;
  • select and print worksheets from the Teacher's Resource File;
  • plan work and keep track of individual students' progress. This powerful and flexible tool provides everything needed for the fully digital classroom and in such a way that even the most peripatetic digital tourist teacher will be able to use it with ease.

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UitgeverLongman Education ELT