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I love Russian : A1 coursebook (beginner)

Afbeelding van I love Russian : A1 coursebook (beginner)


'I Love Russian A1" is a bright and up-to-date course book, intended for levels from complete beginners to A1+ according to CEFR (120-140 contact hours). 'I Love Russian A1" introduces the language foundations in a communicative manner, through dialogues, visual images, simple texts and infographics. The book has 14 lessons split into 3 modules, and features about 120 minutes of authentic audio material, accessible with QR code at the beginning of every module or via the links at the end of the book. Each module covers all language aspects and is a well balanced and structured mix of phonetics, grammar, drill, and oral skills activation brought together by a daily life conversational topic and a can-do objective. Each module also features a glossary, a self-assessment (can-do criteria), and a revision/progress test section.

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