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I love Russian A2


15 lessons for Elementary to Pre-Intermediate students

'I Love Russian A2" for Elementary to Pre-Intermediate students was created by Liden & Denz academic team to provide a coherent and comprehensive teaching material compliant with the communicative teaching method. It meets all CEFR standards and requirements and is based on a can-do approach to language teaching.

'I Love Russian A2" revises and consolidates language skills introduced in A1 course book and is again build around modern, pragmatic, and up-to-date conversational topics, enriching students' language competences with more complex and advanced grammar and broader vocabulary. The fundamental grammar, such as verbal aspects or verbs of motion, is introduced in a communicative manner, through dialogues, visual images, texts and infographics. The course book has 15 lessons split in 3 modules each targeting all language competences for up to 180 contact hours, and features about 200 minutes of authentic audio material, accessible with QR code for smartphones and links for web browsers. Every module is a well balanced and clearly laid out mix grammar, speaking, reading, and listening skills activation. Each module also features a glossary, a self-assessment (can-do criteria), and a revision/progress test section.

It's a dynamic textbook with clear explanations, thoughtful exercises and discussion-inspiring texts.

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