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Marugoto: Japanese language and culture. Elementary 2 A2 Rikai


"Marugoto" aims to help people understand each other while actually communicating in Japanese. It is a textbook. We set each topic to be a scene where people with diverse cultural backgrounds interact in Japanese, and there are hints for understanding different cultures in various places such as conversation content, photos, and illustrations. In addition, we emphasize the role of voice input in language learning, and there are many classroom activities to listen to natural conversation. The goal of each lesson is set in the form of task execution (Can-do) of "what and how you can use Japanese". I aim to reach a level where I can communicate my ideas about familiar things and exchange information

Elementary 2 (A2) consists of two books, Katsudoo and Rikai. At Katsudoo, we aim to improve the practical ability of communication through listening to a lot of Japanese and speaking practice. At "Rikai," you can systematically learn about the mechanism of Japanese language required for communication. Both Katsudoo and Rikai are main teaching materials, and the topics are the same. You can use one or the other depending on your learning objectives, or you can study with both to improve your overall Japanese language ability.

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