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Kanji in Context (revised edition)

Afbeelding van Kanji in Context (revised edition)


Users systematically study the shapes, readings, and meanings of kanji specially arranged for efficient learning, and in doing so, naturally increase their vocabulary. When the handbook is used together with the companion workbooks (sold separately), learners can more firmly master the kanji by going through related words/expressions and sample sentences.

●Includes all 2,136 characters of the revised Joyo Kanji list, plus some 9,500 words written with those characters. The Joyo Kanji are sorted into seven levels aligned with the stages of learning. Each character is presented with its readings and stroke order, as well as examples of words that incorporate it.
The seven levels basically correspond with the following learning stages.
 Levels 1 & 2 (350 characters): Beginning
 Level 3 (850): Intermediate
 Levels 4 & 5 (632): Advanced
 Levels 6 & 7 (304): Highly advanced
●The kanji are arranged based on shape, meaning, and vocabulary. The characters within each level are placed near others that are associated with them, such as kanji that share similar shapes, have high frequency of use, or form the same kanji compounds. Word entries considered important or difficult are highlighted.
●Example words considered very important to know (key words) are printed in red. Those that are very difficult or are deemed special cases are marked with symbols.

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