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Nihongo Challenge Kanji N4 - N5


Nihongo Challenge N4 & N5 Kanji was written to allow beginners of the Japanese language to enjoy studying and understanding Kanji. It is a revised textbook, including all the Kanji from the old Level 3 and 4 (now N4-5) of the JLPT.

Each lesson teaches 10 new Kanji in a really nice and clear way. The Kanji are shown is a chart which includes the stroke order, space for practice, On and Kun reading, compound words etc. The special feature is that every Kanji is also presented by a hand drawn illustration showing how the Kanji was created and an explanation of the illustration to make it easier for you to understand the meaning of the kanji.

The illustration and explanation will surely help you to memorize the kanji more easily.

Part 1 holds 11 lessons and all Kanji of the old Level 4. Part 2 covers 20 lessons and the Kanji of old Level 3. Every lesson has Kanji exercise. After every third lesson is a short section of JLPT type exercises and after each part (part 1 & 2) a longer section with comprehensive exercises.

Translation is given in English, Korean and Portuguese.

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