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Experiencing Chinese - Jichu Jiaocheng A

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The first in the Experiencing Chinese series, this book's aim is to build up beginning students' listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. It is a comprehensive text that focuses on communication competence, so that students can put what they have learned immediately into practice outside the classroom. With approximately 500 words introduced in this book, each lesson also has a vocabulary extension section which offers teachers more flexibility and word choice. The dialogues are concise yet light and humorous, making Chinese enjoyable to learn. Not only will students learn the language, but they will also pick up certain cultural information throughout the text. Also, unlike most textbooks, grammar is not drilled into the students, making the learning process unenjoyable. Rather, only the necessary grammar points are made in each lesson. As for learning to read and write, this text places an emphasis first on recognizing characters and then slowly builds upon that to writing them. Includes one MP3 CD.

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AuteurJiao Cheng
UitgeverHigher education Press China