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Polski Krok po Kroku 1 podrecznik nauczyciela (handleiding)

Afbeelding van Polski Krok po Kroku 1 podrecznik nauczyciela (handleiding)


The teacher's manual has been developed for teachers who want to teach not only efficiently but also creatively and in a way that is attractive for the student. It is primarily a comprehensive methodological guide but at the same time a handy tool for lessons and a source of inspiration and ready-made ideas. The detailed tips include answers to questions frequently asked by teachers: - How to introduce and teach the next grammar point step by step. - How to explain the meaning of new words without translating them into the student's mother tongue. - How to work in big groups with a wide variety of skill levels. - How to motivate the students to speak only in Polish. - How to teach and encourage without being boring. The manual contains: 1. A methodological commentary for all the dialogues and exercises. 2. Over 70 completely new communicative games, which serve as warmers and help with the internalization of grammar and vocabulary. 3. More than 150 additional activities, which often require no photocopying. 4. Sets of written assignments for each lesson. 5. Lists of exercises aimed at developing specific skills 6. Links to the most useful exercises on the portal 7. Nine workshops, with exercises and phonetic poems for teaching the pronunciation of individual sounds. 8. Five evaluation tests. 9. Transcripts of the recordings in the textbook 10. Answer keys to all the exercises in the textbook. One short section of the teachers' manual is devoted to discussing resources on the platform The manual also comes with an access code to all the resources on the portal, valid for 6 months. The book includes an mp3 CD with almost 90 minutes of audio material for tests and phonetic workshops.

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