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Método B2 4 Libro del alumno


The book is aimed at intermediate learners of Spanish and represents the fourth level in the Método de español series. This Spanish language course, ideal for adolescent and adult learners, follows an intensive/extensive method which is adaptable to the student's needs and offers 80/100 hours (intensive method) or 130 hours (extensive method) of study. The focus is on communication and practical use of the language. The volume is made up of 10 chapters, each divided into four sections:

  • Contexts (immersion in the communicative space)
  • Observe and learn (reflection on content)
  • Practice (structured activities)
  • In communication (representation in context of the contents of the unit).

An additional section, ¡Extra!, is included for extensive use of the course.

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UitgeverComercial Grupo Anaya