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Via del Corso Libro dello studente + esercizi +cd+dvd

Afbeelding van Via del Corso Libro dello studente + esercizi +cd+dvd


Beginner's level (CEFR A1) - monolingual Italian edition.
Student's book with exercises + 2 CDs + DVD, complete with access code for the digital book and online resources.

The book consists of 12 units, each 10 pages long; 4 revision sections, each 4 pages; Grammar summaries; Appendix.

The DVD contains: 12 episodes of the video series set in Rome, an animated version of the graphic novel in 12 episodes, and 12 cultural videos.

The CDs contain the tracks for the listening and pronunciation exercises, as well as audio versions of the video series. A slower version of the audio tracks is also provided online to aid comprehension and intonation.

The book contains a printed access code for the i-d-e-e digital platform. This code provides students with online access to interactive versions of the textbook and the exercises, the audio tracks and videos, plus additional games and resources available on the platform. The code provides free access to these online materials for a set number of hours, valid for 18 months from activation.

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