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Persian in use


'Persian in Use' is an elementary Persian language and culture textbook designed for first-year Persian language students at college level. It offers a thematically organized and integrative approach to help students achieve proficiency in Persian language and culture.


  • Colorful and lively design
  • New vocabulary is summarized thematically/lexically
  • Interactive dialogues from everyday life
  • Straightforward explanations of the grammatical features
  • Includes samples of literary texts, poems, plays, film scripts, and pop songs
  • Engaging classroom activities and homework exercises
  • Companion website

Anousha Sedighi is Associate Professor of Persian at Portland State University. She has been teaching elementary Persian for more than a decade and serves as the current president of the American Association of Teachers of Persian.

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AuteurAnousha Sedighi
UitgeverLeiden University Press