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På Svenska studiehäfte Nederländska

Afbeelding van På Svenska studiehäfte Nederländska


På svenska! 1-3 is a teaching material which enables students to attain base level knowledge of the Swedish language. Its aim is to facilitate participation in everyday conversation after a short time without spending so much time on grammar practice.
På svenska! 1 is of level A1 and A2 on the scale from the Council of Europe (CEFR). It can an also be used by students who choose the self-study route.
Pronunciation and grammar are explained in the student¹s own language making learning effective.
The textbook comprises 12 sections with short stimulating dialogues and other texts. In the texts students follow a group of Swedes in their everyday lives and holidays. Glimpses of different parts of Sweden are also given. Special pictorial pages facilitate vocabulary learning. Useful phrases for everyday language situations are presented throughout the book.
Listening comprehension exercises accompany each section providing early practice in understanding the spoken language.
The book comes with a cd with mp3 files, it contains texts, phrases, listening comprehension exercises from the text book and parts of the pronunciation section from the study booklet.
The exercise book contains additional training exercises on the grammar points raised in the text book. It also includes other exercises such as short essays, dialogues and crosswords. The student can work with these exercises at home.
The study booklet is available in several languages, it contains four
€ Pronunciation with guide and texts with the emphasis on pronunciation € Grammar with explanations and examples € Glossary (alphabetical glossary and list of phrases) € Answers to questions and exercises in the text book and exercise book.

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