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DIECI lezioni di lessico


    The book actively revisits the vocabulary from "Dieci A1" and "Dieci A2" through illustrated tables and examples that students must complete, but it can also be an effective tool for discovery and review for those who have used other resources.

    It provides:
    • numerous insights compared to the manual
    • new expressions, idiomatic phrases, and useful words
    • cultural boxes
    • insights into the origin of some names
    • advice on how to memorize vocabulary using various techniques
    • point-based tests at the end of each level
    • solutions to all the exercises at the end of the volume

    The volume offers an innovative and dynamic way to reinforce and expand vocabulary.

    Met dit boek leer je actief de woordenschat van "Dieci A1" en "Dieci A2". Door middel van geïllustreerde tabellen en voorbeelden die leerlingen moeten invullen leert men de woordenschat.

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