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Ellinika A: Methodos ekmathisis tis ellilikis os xenis glossas

Afbeelding van Ellinika A: Methodos ekmathisis tis ellilikis os xenis glossas


Ellinika A is the first of a series of four books, which are designed to prepare students for exams organised by the Greek Language Centre and the Institute of Continuous Adult Education. This first book prepares students for the 1st level of proficiency. Each module focuses on specific grammar and special vocabulary, which are taught in stages, according to the principles of teaching Greek as a second / foreign language. Specific modules include repetitive exercises like those given in the examinations of the Greek Language Centre. The book is suitable for preparation classes, however, can be used for self-teaching. Emphasis is given on the parallel development of comprehension skills and speaking and writing. It is enhanced with great illustrations and very user friendly. The course Includes: 20 illustrated modules 2 CDs with 93 dialogues and listening exercises 70 dialogues and 45 texts 45 listening comprehension exercises, functional exercises 25 reading comprehension, 21 phonological awareness exercises 125 activities focused speaking, 32 role-playing games 50 Writing activities and dozens of structural exercises, spelling and phraseology usage abundant passages of authentic material (maps, signs, advertisements, bills, cards, catalogs, receipts, etc.) 3 full test exams to prepare students for the 1st level of Attainment in Greek. Annex to the text of the listening comprehension activities and keys to exercises.

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