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Puls - Manual de limba romana pentru straini A1-A2 (Student book + Workbook + Audio CD)


    We propose a manual exclusively in Romanian, which is addressed to a wide audience, not selected according to the foreign languages they know.
    PULS was developed on the basis of the European Language Portfolio of the Council of Europe, for levels A1-A2, taking into account all the elements necessary for learning a foreign language: oral comprehension (listening), written comprehension (reading), oral expression (participation in conversation, production of an oral speech), written expression.
    The package includes a manual, a workbook and two audio CDs.The manual (132 pages) contains 12 thematic units, providing the learner with a package of communication situations with immediate applicability (public, professional, private). Thus, the learner does not have to go through the entire manual to be able to communicate in Romanian in everyday situations, but can use the knowledge acquired after each unit. The illustrations complete the discursive part, together with which they compose a vocabulary that constitutes a starting point for various conversational tasks placed in plausible contexts.

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