Essential Business Grammar Builder book + audio-cd

Essential Business Grammar Builder book + audio-cd


Essential Business Grammar Builder presents and practices the fundamental grammar requirements for students studying Business English. It is ideal for use in class and for self-study.

Key Features:

  • Contains 60 units of grammar and functions. Each unit is presented clearly on a double-page spread for simple cross-referencing and checking
  • Over 100 authentic citations from sources such as Newsweek, Wall Street Journal and International Herald Tribune provide authentic examples of the target language
  • Includes 18 self-administered tests to check students' understanding of the grammar, plus a preliminary test designed to raise awareness of their starting level and help assess progress
  • All exercises with a speaking/listening context and 'high-context' exercises are recorded on the Audio CD and can be used to check answers and practice pronunciation
  • The grammar points are reinforced through authentic cartoons, creating a motivating context where students can enjoy the application of their learning
  • The appendices include tables of regular verb forms, a list of irregular verbs, help with spelling and punctuation, a glossary of key grammar terms an index and a full answer key

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