Oxford Learner's Grammar Finder book + cd-rom

Oxford Learner's Grammar Finder book + cd-rom


Oxford Learner's Grammar

Intermediate to Advanced
B2, C1, C2

Oxford Learner's Grammar is a new Grammar pack comprising the following components.

Grammar Finder

A reference book presenting English grammar to non-native-speaker learners based on clear explanations and logical progression - a CD-ROM supplements the reference material.

Grammar Builder

A practice book systematically covering all the topics presented in the Grammar Finder through a variety of exercise types.

Grammar Checker

A CD-ROM containing a 'Test yourself' section (200 test questions), an audio section (10 themes with multiple examples), and a fully searchable electronic index (accessing well over 1000 grammar hints) linked to the Grammar Finder. The Grammar Checker CD-ROM is supplied with the Grammar Finder.

€ 64,60

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