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Menschen A1/1 Glossar XXL Deutsch-Englisch

Afbeelding van Menschen A1/1 Glossar XXL Deutsch-Englisch


This course for beginners uses the theory that feelings and stories about other people are what encourages learners to actively engage in their language learning from the beginning.

Material is introduced in a story telling form - with a scene-setting situation and listening text, accompanied by a picture dictionary to illustrate new vocabulary. Various forms are then used to expand on the subject in question including song, movement exercises, games and film excerpts to ensure that all types of learners are accounted for when practising new vocabulary, structures and phrases. Each chapter closes with writing practice and speaking exercises or a mini-project to round off the topic. Four additional chapters offer supplementary resources including magazine style pages with supplementary reading texts; activities to accompany the film clips; "Projekt Landeskunde" and songs.

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