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Minna no Nihongo 2 - translation & grammar notes


An informative and explanatory approach to Japanese skills.

The simple and helpful charm of the long-running Minna no Nihongo series of textbooks has seen them become globally popular, for their instant and practical access to the Japanese language. With this revised 2nd edition of the Translation & Grammar Notes Textbook made to accompany the main Minna no Nihongo II Textbook, English-translated vocabulary and grammatical notes have been updated to correspond with individual chapter content and on their own build on a basic understanding of everyday Japanese and grammar to improve your comprehension of more involved sentences and formats. Allowing you to review and study a wonderful range of necessary vocabulary at the start of each lesson, you are encouraged to go through and repeat drills and exercises for different grammar points, to master their uses in different typical scenarios and gradually build your capability to understand and use them in your own words. With English explanations thoroughly covering each chapter, explaining common mistakes, nuances and tips to really bring together a more natural Japanese ability, this book also covers cultural information and extra Japanese knowledge, making it simply a great book to refer back to when building foundations for regular use of the language

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