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Minna no Nihongo 2 - Kanji workbook


Review and master your use of important everyday Kanji.

A perfect study companion to the highly popular Minna no Nihongo series of beginner level 2 textbooks, this kanji workbook provides thorough and handy practice of daily kanji you'll need to know inside out, letting you master the 500 or so kanji you encounter across the course. Much like the rest of the Minna no Nihongo series, this book breaks them down into lesson reviews, going over 10-16 kanji characters each time, reinforcing understanding of stroke order, reading and word recognition through both reading and writing exercises and removable practice and answer sheets. With reviews every 6 or 7 lessons allowing you to revise and gradually progress with your natural kanji knowledge, this book encourages you to tackle more complex comprehension by the end of the book to develop your own methods of identifying and understanding kanji from their correct onyomi or kunyomi reading and helps you to grasp new kanji from context, to develop your own self-study. Keeping up regular practice of all the words and grammar you've learnt up to this point through example sentences and relatable dialogue, you can keep your kanji knowledge fresh with revision of this workbook.

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