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Primo Ascolto libro dello studente + codice i-d-e-e

Afbeelding van Primo Ascolto libro dello studente + codice i-d-e-e


Primo Ascolto, for students with an A1-A2 level, aims at developing listening skills and at preparing the student to demonstrate understanding during oral examinations (Celi Impatto e Celi 1, Cils A1 e Cils A2, Plida A1 e Plida A2, etc.). The amusing dialogues, the wide variety of images and the modern layout make the book suitable to students of all ages and learning enjoyable.

The volume is divided in two parts, the first covers the A1 level and the second the A2 level, and it consists in 40 texts overall. The last 10 texts are authentic and are taken from the Italian radio and television programs. Each text is followed by two activities, one is preparatory and the other simulates the above mentioned exams. The texts present a wide range of topics and situations suitable to the specific language level (friends and family, home, cooking, music, cinema, TV, weather, public transportations, professions, news and curiosities, advertising, outfits, instructions, etc.), as well as useful communicative functions (agree/disagree, happiness/sadness, accept/refuse an invitation, reply with assurance or not, order, etc.). The student has the opportunity to be in contact with the living language and the Italian while learning new vocabulary.

Primo Ascolto presents a wide range of activities (identification of specific words or expressions, text-picture matching, multiple choice with two or three choices, identification of sentences or statements, etc.) in order to always keep alive the interest of the students and have them practice the exercises that they will find in the examination of the most popular certifications.

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